Dessert and I need to take a break

I have 35 days until I officially start training for my first full marathon.  Since I started running I have lost around 130 pounds.   Unfortunately I’m only down a total of 30 pounds. The other 100 is the same 5 pounds I have gained and lost about 20 times.  I am currently 13 pounds away from my goal weight and I am determined to be as close to it as possible by the time I start my full training.

I hope that by starting this blog I can hold myself accountable and finally get down below 145 to my goal weight of 135.  I keep hovering between 145-150.  It’s so easy to say I just ran 10 miles, I can have this donut, see’s chocolate, candy, cookie, etc…

I’m putting the brakes on my love affair with dessert and putting the moves on dessert’s, younger sibling that has a good personality also known as fruit.  I’ll let you know how it goes. 🙂

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