Running for Science

Az. is hot.  Also this just in.  The sky is blue.  I’m new to running outside all year round.  It was great in the winter.  Now, not so much.  I was doing pretty well while the low was still in the high 70’s.  Then it started creeping up into the high 80’s.  It’s hot but at least it’s a dry heat right?  Today 10 miles was on the schedule so my friend Kristen and I decided to start at 4:30AM.  We met at the park and it was 86 with 56% humidity.  I can assure you I was not at all dry while I was running.

Luckily I had just read this article recently and had a plan.


Therefore the results of this study suggest that drinking a Slurpee, or similar icy drink before exercising in hot weather can increase your endurance, and help you last longer.

Drink a slurpee in the name of “science”?  That is my kind of science.   A slurpee at 4:30 in the morning really didn’t sound too great, but there is a Circle K a few miles from where we were meeting.  We decided to run for 6.5 miles, stop and drink our slurpee and then finish our last 3.5 miles and see if it cooled our core temperature and made it easier to run faster.

It wasn’t too horrible when we started.  Try not to be jealous of my summer desert running conditions.  I know my delightful descriptions make you secretly yearn that you too could wake up at 4 for the privilege of running in humid almost 90 degree not too horrible weather.  The sun wasn’t shining down on us hot enough to cook eggs on the sidewalk and there were some puddles from the rain the night before, so it was basically like we were running in a tropical paradise.

We started off slow and gradually upped the pace.  We got to Circle K at mile 6.5 and went in for our Slurpee’s.


We took our icy treat outside and sat on a wall to enjoy.  I drank about 8 ounces of mine and then it was just too sickly sweet.  It was better eating it using the straw as a spoon instead of drinking it, although that was tricky.  What ever happened to those straws with the spoon on the end? They are a vital part of the slurpee experience.  You just can’t enjoy it in the same way with a regular boring straw.

If I’m going to keep running in the heat I might have to order these.

400 for only 9.99 on amazon. Who wants to split it 10 ways with me?

We finished our last 3 and a half and I definitely didn’t feel as hot.  That might have been from stopping and resting for 5 minutes as much as it was the cold drink though.  My legs were so tired.  They weren’t happy that I was expecting them to do this running thing again, they thought they were done with that nonsense for the day.

It took me about a half mile to warm up again and then I did pick up the pace by almost a minute faster than it was at miles 5 and 6.  I think that was more because I just wanted to get this crap over with, but I am willing to say it was at least partly the slurpee.  I might just have to try it again next week, in the name of science of course, to get a more accurate scientific conclusion.  Maybe if I drink twice as much I will be twice as fast.  Once my 400 pack of straws come in, watch out world.  You will be seeing me at the 2016 olympic time trials for sure.  I won’t be competing, but if you look really hard you will be able to spot me in the stands.  I will be the one drinking  a slurpee and cheering and yelling with extra slurpee endurance.

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