Like Mother Like Son

A few years ago I babysat for a friend of mine.  She is a pilates teacher and her idea of dessert is mixing strawberries and blueberries together at the same time.  I fixed her 7 yr. old a nutritionally void, I mean sound, meal of Kraft Mac and Cheese.  He proclaimed it the best mac and cheese he had ever tasted.  I then was going to open the Krispy Kreme box I had promised my kids they could break into after lunch and asked him if he would like a donut.  He looked at me and said “What’s a donut?” I bit my lip to keep from crying for this poor child.  I thought about calling CPS because clearly he had been seriously neglected in the very important  donut tasting educational aspect of child rearing.  He didn’t seem too excited to try it and I didn’t want to shock his system farther and have his mother never trust me with her child again so I gave him a apple instead.

Fast forward to a few months ago.  My youngest is now 7 and for Mother’s Day they brought me breakfast in bed.  Because they love me, they waited until 9 and they didn’t make it themselves, they brought me donuts.  I came downstairs the next morning and I found this was all that was left in the box.

Conversation with my youngest:

Me: Jackson why is this blanket in the donut box?

Jackson: Looks at me like I’m the crazy one, and says in a isn’t it obvious tone of voice “So when I get home from school even though the donuts are gone, my blanket will still smell like them.”

This is my child.  He is obviously a genius.  I think I’m going to stuff my running shirt and shorts in a empty donut box so I can smell like donuts on my next run. Perhaps I will open a etsy shop and only sell empty donut boxes to runners or people on a diet.  They will have to be full at first to really get the scent in there of course.  I can eat donuts that I write off as a business expense as part of my “job”.  This plan is getting better and better.

This also led me to another future millions making idea.  Donut scented laundry detergent.  Genius right???

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