Running with Olympians

Ok, so it wasn’t so much running with Kara and Shalane as it was running at the same time as them.  I got up at 4:00 to get ready for my long run, and I watched a little of the Olympic Marathon live while eating my PB toast and getting my shoes on.

It was cool to start out my run knowing that across the ocean the Olympians were racing at the same time.  They were running a conservative 5:30 pace. I was running a normal 10:30 pace.  They were sporting a bra and briefs look.  I was also running in a sports bra and underwear, I just added shorts and a tank top to complete my look.  Nobody needs to see my abs.  I have the abs of a dessert lover.



They had thousands of spectators screaming and cheering them on.  I had a truck honk at me at a stop light and some drunk girls in the back yelled at me.  They had a torrential downpour of rain.  It sprinkled on me for almost two minutes at mile 8.

They were rested from not doing their typical two a day workouts.  I was rested from my two a day nap schedule. They finished 26.2 miles in 2:25 and 2:26. They came in 10th and 11th.  I finished 9.0 in 1:36.  I came in 2nd.  I was running with my speedy friend Kristen, who is kind enough to run at my turtle pace with me because she enjoys my company so much.  That or I am the only crazy fool who will meet her at 4:30 on a Sunday morning.  Mostly it’s my company though. Ok 80/20 maybe.

I had a good run.  I came home and watched the rest of the marathon and was awed at how similar, nothing like, my run was to theirs.  Training for my October half is going well.  My official full marathon training starts Sept. 17th!  Yikes!!!

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